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  • FREE video tutorials - make an awesome Business Website, eCommerce Store, or Blog!
  • Live and functioning within 90min.
  • No web design or setup costs.
  • You own it, 100%.
  • Step-by-step. Just follow along!

My Goal:

To show you how to setup an AWESOME website or blog, within the next 80 minutes!

I know there are plenty of you who need a website, but don't have the money to pay web developers and agencies. That is why I want to show you how to make an awesome Business Website, eCommerce Store, or Blog, step-by-step by following along with one of my video tutorials.

Web agencies normally charge $4,500+ for websites that offer similar quality and features. But we will teach you how to get all of this for virtually nothing (approx $10 a month for everything).

We will teach you how to use and take advantage of the 'WordPress' platform - the exact same platform used by famous companies and bloggers around the world. I will look freakin' awesome, and you will be able to easily manage everything yourself!


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We are a team of talented digital specialists, dedicated to coaching small/medium business owners how to effectively market their products or services online.