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WordPress User Roles and Permissions

Learn about the differences in Permission setting / User Roles in WordPress.  When adding a new user in WordPress, you can assign them as a Follower, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator. This is very useful when you hire other people to work on your website.

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  1. Administrator
    • Full power and authority over the website.
    • Can do anything on the website.
    • Note: Do NOT add another Administrator!
  2. Editor
    • Can create, edit, publish, or delete any post or page.
  3. Author
    • Can create, edit, publish, or delete only their OWN post or page.
  4. Contributor
    • Can create their own posts, but these are moderated and can only be published once approved.
  5. Follower
    • No editing privileges.


You can also refer to this page for more useful information about WordPress User Roles.

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