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Change the Logo on your Business Website (WordPress)

Learn how to how to quickly and easily change the logo on your business website (WordPress). Note: This only works for the SiteOrigin theme, which we use in our full How to Make a Business Website tutorial.


1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard: www.yoursite.com/wp-admin

2. Click on the Appearance tab in the left navigation

3. Click on Theme Settings

4. Next to Logo Settings, click Choose Image

5. Click Upload Files

6. Go to the folder on your computer which has your desired logo then simply drag and drop onto the page. Otherwise, you can select the file manually by clicking the Select Files button. This step will upload your logo image to the Media Library, which you can use at any time

7. After the logo is uploaded, select it and click Set Logo

8. Click Save Settings

9. Refresh your website, your new business logo will now appear

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