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Best URL Structure for SEO – WordPress Categories

Add depth to your website by using the best URL structure for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! This is not makes it more effective for Search Engine bots, but also for real users when they come across your site pages in search listings – it creates an effective and easy to understand Information Architecture for your site.

Permalink Structure:


Firstly, change the Permalink Structure:

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard: www.yoursite.com/wp-admin

2. Go to Settings, and click on Permalinks.

3. Under Common Settings, click on Custom Structure.

4. Delete any text in the Custom Structure text box, and type in:

5. Click Save Changes.

Then create custom categries:

6. Go up to Posts, and click on Categories.

7. Under Add New Category and in the Name text box, type in the category name you wish to use.

8. Under Slug, type in the same category name you entered earlier – this is what will show up in your url.

9. You can leave the Parent and Description fields blank, and then click Add New Category.

Then add Posts to your categoreis:

10. Go up to Posts, and click Add New to create a new post.

11. Enter the title of the new post and the necessary post information

12. In the right panel, select the category you want the post to appear in.

11. Click Update.

Finished! The URL structure for this post will new be

Note: In WordPress, only Posts will follow this custom structure, not Pages.

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